I am an artist with a "save the world-complex".
In other terms, I have a solution to everything as a natural self hating know it all.

Art for me is a subjective truth. If it isn't that, it's bullshit.
The most important thing to know about me and my artwork, is that we are the same. I do not create a painting that isn't me. I can't separate myself from what it is that I do, so the work that I do has become the deepest form for identity and existential purpose that I've yet to understand.
I am a painter, working with oil as the main medium, with my roots in graffiti, street art and classical academic training. 
When I am in love with life, I paint landscapes, and landscape makes me fall in love with life all over again. It's a spiritual awakening as I am painting what I am essentially a part of. It's a holistic idea and philosophy, and it works in it's peaks as a form of transcendence. 
I feel part of an echo, out there in the mountains, dwelling in nature's grandeur. 
In the city, I find myself wanting to escape out of the feeling of not fitting in, not being good enough. Subjects that I paint in the studio, is of a self reflecting kind and more conceptual one than the natural engagement with painting in the wilderness of nature. My studio work is internal ideas, complexes, questions, feelings and struggles in contrast to my landscape work which is a more nuanced take on external beauty.
If I could analyze my own work, they are somewhat of a bi-product, or in itself an echo of my "self" and of my "nature".  It's philosophical, and existential, to sum it up into a few words.
I was born and raised in Upplands Väsby, Stockholm. Lower working class, with a single mother.
Just being raised in Väsby, puts you close to alcoholism and drug abuse. If you are unlucky, way too close, and if you are really lucky far away from it.
But it has a big role in Stockholm suburbia and it's a big part of an enviroment that have shaped me into an adult, and therefore something that has really influenced my work, in many different ways. A somewhat rags to riches mind set has also been born out of this context.


2009 Sigtuna Folkhögskola (1 year art history)

2010 Edsvik Konstskola 

2012 Florence Academy of Art , Firenze
2018 Barcelona Academy of Art Residency Program


2011: Group exhibition at Edsvik Art Gallery

Stockholm, Sweden
2015: Group exhibition Art Represent

at the 20th century theatre, London, UK
2016: Solo exhibition at Gallery Laszka,
Oslo, Norway
2017: Curator and participant

group exhibition Hvaltann, 

Påfuglen Galleri, Oslo, Norway
2017: Solo Exhibition,

Picchus Gallery, Stockholm SWE
2018: Residencial exhibition at

Barcelona Academy of Art,

Barcelona, Spain
2018: Participant in residencial

exhibition Expo futurart at

Espronceda center for Art & Culture,

Barcelona, Spain