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Latest news:

Currently I am working on and developing "The Echo Project" amongst other projects, planning to exhibit and finish 
in 2021-22. 

Planning and organizing painting workshops around Europe.
If you are interested in participating please send any questions or inquiries you have to:
Joakimtsbergstrom@gmail.com and keep yourself updated with my social media @jogsflash

I am producing videos on the lifes of myself as an Artist and also other Artists. Including videos on how to paint in the landscape. So please find my channel on youtube and subscribe to it.


On a more regluar note I am painting en plein air constantly, and my works are mainly sold directly through personal contact. If you are interested to follow what I paint more closely, I recommend to follow me on Instagram: @jogsflash, where you can also get in touch. 

I  occasionally do commissioned pieces as portraits or landscapes, depending on the subject, but don't hesitate a second to get in touch!